Edward C. Pulaski

Welcome to the Pulaski Tunnel Trail Blog!

The Pulaski Tunnel Trail is an historic U.S. Forest Service venue commemorating the Big Burn of 1910 and Edward C. Pulaski’s rescue of his firefighting crew in the midst of that catastrophic blaze.

The trailhead lies about one-half mile south of Wallace, Idaho on Moon Pass Road, which continues from King Street within Wallace’s city limits.

The trail’s route covers roughly two miles, from the trailhead up to an outlook station from which may be viewed the Pulaski Tunnel, where Ranger Pulaski saved all but six of his 45-member crew on August 20-21, 1910.

The trail’s development, which began in 2003 and was substantially completed in 2010 (just in time for the Big Burn’s centennial), was a cooperative project undertaken jointly by the U.S. Forest Service, The Pulaski Project, a Wallace citizens group, and many other contributing organizations and individuals.

This blog is sponsored by The Pulaski Project.  Its goal is to provide a forum for exchanging experiences hiking or snowshoeing the trail, current news, and further developing the history and significance of this historic site.