Hiking experiences on the trail

FINAL_PulaskiBrochure_Cover.jpgHave you hiked the Pulaski Tunnel Trail?

We’d like to hear about your hiking experience.  

We’d also like this blog serve as a nexus for hikers exchanging their trail experiences.

Here are some questions your comments on the trail might address:

What were your expectations about the trail before you hiked it?

How did the actual experience of the hike differ from those expectations?

What was your favorite part of the hike?  …your least favorite part?

Did you stop to read all, most, some, only a few, or none of the interpretive signs on the trail?

What did you think of the interpretive signage?

Do you have suggestions for repairing or improving the trail?

Did you sign the trail’s guest register?

Would you like to become a Pulaski Tunnel Trail supporter?    

And, BTW, if you don’t mind adding…    

Where do you live?

How many hikers were in your party?

Was this the first time you’ve hiked the trail or have there been other times?

Anything else?

Please use the “Reply” field to send your comments.

Thank you!


2 thoughts on “Hiking experiences on the trail

  1. I thought I could go in the tunnel.
    I enjoyed the hike a great deal. We took my mom and it was a beautiful day. I really enjoyed the interpretive signs. I think it’s a great idea to keep the history alive.


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